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Products Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia with headquarters in Vaasa in Finland.

It was the first company to introduce trilogy in Scandinavia.

Products Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia with headquarters in Vaasa in Finland.

It was the first company to introduce trilogy in Scandinavia.



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1. Why the hair falls?

The hair falls out to make room for new ones, and it is considered physiological lose from 80 to 100 per day.

2. Why does hair grow fat?

  • The hair will grow fat for several reasons:
  • because of the sebaceous glands over-stimulated by hormones
  • because of some of our bad habits due to the gestures, for example, be passed very often his hands through his hair (we transfer the oil from your hands on the hair)
  • Due to the working environment: chefs, pastry chefs, etc.
  • to stress

3. The brittle hair, damaged by the dye, you can restore?

Virtually no, but can be restored with specific products, giving him again look nice.

4. Why is dandruff? How is it treated?

Dandruff is a hiper-desquamation system, due to inflammation and parasite proliferation.

Can be cured quite easily provided you follow a specific course of treatment.

5. What is seborrheic dermatitis? How is it treated?

The Seborrheic dermatitis is a flaking accompanied by inflammation of the corneal system. It is almost always hereditary origin.

The treatment is to alleviate the inflammation and control the

disease with Cosmetic hair products and treatments, to be able to live better.

6.There are different types of alopecia?

Yes, there are different types of alopecia with different difficulty to treat. Starting from the most difficult:

  • Alopecia Universalis: lack of hair all over the body, including eyebrows
  • Alopecia totalis: lack of hair throughout the head, including eyebrows
  • Alopecia areata incognita: normally part from the edges of the head and can involve the whole head
  • Alopecia Areata classical start from any part of the head with a patch of nearly round, its appearance is almost always accompanied by others of the same shape. Rarely involves the entire head and may resolve spontaneously within a few months. But it is much better if the first appearance we turn to a specialist (tricoterapeutta) we advice Cosmetic hair products and supplements appropriate.

7. It’s true that in certain seasons of the hair fall out more?

Yes, especially in the fall and in the spring to coincide with the pack of some fur-bearing animals, which we will still retain ancestral habits

8. Why does hair turn white?

The hair turns white due to the lack of melanin produced by the melanocytes that over the years they produce less and less.

This gives rise to the first gray hair also called “salt and pepper” and finally to white hair. The beginning of this phenomenon depends very much on the individual genetic.

9. What is psoriasis? Can be cured?

Psoriasis is a genetic disease of the skin. On a normal situation the keratinocytes produced by the stratum corneum cells produce Keratin that back up to the stratum

corneum harden physiologically.This process naturally occurs in about 28 days.

In patients with psoriasis, all this happens in about 8-10 days, creating

a hyper-overlapping cell recrowding that produces thick, which splits infected with bacteria, causing a lack of elasticity and thus creating cracks.

Currently there is no cure but treatments to control it and we can live better.

10. How many times a week is recommended that you wash your hair?

We recommend washing the scalp and hair at least 2 times a

week, and for younger individuals also 3 times a week. The reason is simple, at a young age is more physical activity by operating the sweat glands that

emit sweat mingled with the dust and sebum, clogging the follicles. Instead a more mature age even 1 or 2 times a week.

11. It’s true that cutting your hair get stronger and not fall?

These are just rumors metropolitan and grandmother. In fact, the cutting of hair frequently only the hygiene of the skin.
The saying that cutting them reinforce stemmed from the fact the hair as short as it appeared harder to the touch.

12.How do the hair to curl?

The hair curly arise because “the mold” that is, the hair follicle is genetically and structurally designed to create a curly hair.

13. The power, smoke or stress can damage the hair?

The power does not smoke or stress can damage the hair as such, because they are already trained and keratinized, but they can certainly damage the root and bulb.

14. Why did you become bald?

You become bald because of an ‘enzyme (5-alpha reductase) that genetically induced change in the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which miniaturized the new hair until it

becomes vellus, then disappeared everything. the fact that this happens in old age and the crown of the head, indicating that it is a normal Androgenetic Alopecia, now accepted as almost physiological.

15. Why do black men of the hottest countries have very curly hair?

Curly hair retains more air inside of straight hair, which acts as an insulator between the skin and the scorching heat outside.




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