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Meeting Cosmoprof
fierarimini 2009
From 3:04:09-6:04:09 was held as every year the trade fair Cosmoprof in Bologna, the world's leading cosmetic and tricosmetico the world.

On this occasion Dr. Zappala has organized a meeting for 15 tricoterapeutti Finnish specialists. The theme was "developments in the hair cosmetics in Finland in relation to the past 10 years in the industry." The participants on the various issues confronting the application of the method tricologicghe and T4 were all agreed to give this method a high value innovative and functional with positive results by more than 80%. On that occasion he renewed the attempt to organize regular meetings to exchange and update us on the birth of new products and new methods. Given the excellent results we have decided to consolidate and strengthen the work of STY (Suomen Tricologian Yhdistys ry) (Association of Trichology Finnish), whose function is to coordinate and assist all specialists existing and new be born in all parts of the world.

2° Congress trichology Helsinki 1998
Vitalia in the years between 1995 and 2007, organized 2 conferences of Trichology, by involving professionals, both Finns that Italians.
In this 2nd congress was attended, among the Finns: Prof. Allan Lassus dermatologist professor at the University 'of Helsinki and Professor. Rolf Nordstrom plastic surgeon of world renown. In addition to many other doctors who specialize in problems of the hair and scalp. For the hairdressing sector with preparation trichological: Ms Pirkko Papinniemi (tricoterapeutta) and Ms Anja Ahlberg then president of the STY (Association of Trichology Finnish) and Tricoterapeutta.
Among the Italians: Dr. Alberto Caputo specialist psychologist, Dr. Corinna Rigoni dermatologist, and finally the dr. Andrea Marliani dermatologist, endocrinologist and President of the Society of Trichology Si.tri Italian.
There are also manufacturers of haircare products and machinery, members of the specialized press (dermatology and cosmetics) as the magazine "Skin" and the magazine "Pinni" specialized for hairdressers.
The theme: the role of hairdressers in Trichology.

The idea of dr. Sebastiano Zappala Biotechnology time dir. Scientific Vitalia, was to assume "the triangle of Trichology"

biologists and biotechnologists, for teaching and learning,
Medical hair specialists and specialists in dermatology for diagnosis and treatment
Hairdressing with trichological preparation for topical application type.

1° Congress trichology Helsinki 1997
1st Congress of Trichology Helsinki 1997

Speakers over the organizer dr. Zappala, dr. Mangalavite biologist, Dr. Allan Lassus professor of dermatology at the University of Helsinki, Prof. Rolf Nordstrom plastic surgeon specializing in hair transplant, hair specialists, and many other specialists and tricoterapeuti.

The topics covered were: the role of hairdresser in Trichology, and the systematic use by hairdressers and beauticians as a diagnostic of the micro-budget, as it is the first hairdresser who sees the emergence of any problem, whether from the hair to the skin.

This raises the hair salon in a position of advantage against the "disease" because thanks to the timeliness, knowledge, tools and hair products will be able to act immediately, before the problem becomes serious.

In conclusion, I think the hairdresser borrowing tricologicamente prepared, should have a major role in the field of Trichology, of course, without invading the medical field and only topically, in fact could be a great collabatore dermatologist for the benefit of the customer.

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