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Psoriasis is a disease that primarily affects the skin and therefore the capelluto.la scalp psoriasis is a disorder of the cells of the germinal layer of the epidermis and migrate them to the horn layer.
The apparatus consists of various epidermal layers and groups of differentiated cells that come to life in the germinal layer, as they mature rise to the surface to relieve those who have already stopped in the stratum corneum, being expelled out of the body ; Normally this process takes about 28 days, in individuals suffering from psoriasis on the other hand this may take from 5 to 10 giorni.La Psoriasis is a genetic disease called hereditary and can occur at any age and remain in a latent state to go wild in the most stressful times of our vita.La psoriasis can be recognized, in addition to laboratory tests, the presence of white scales Argentine lamellar more or less abundant packed into erythematous patches, edged inflamed, scattered in several places of the head (above the ears and behind the neck).

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