testata copia 2
Mushrooms and dermatisis
Normally we live with about 44 types of mushrooms or fungi, which live parasitically on our cute.In some cases and under certain conditions some of them proliferate in large quantities diventado a small miaccia for our scalp becomes inflamed causing itching grattandoci and create cracks in which they find shelter and ideal conditions for proliferare.In these cases, just remove, clean, disinfect and stimulate healing, for in a short time return to normalization.

The picture no. 1 is an inflamed skin with itching and the presence of fungi.
2. The picture represents the free skin is not itching.

Treatment with T4 method was tricodermico: Igienit: removal of fungi Cleaning: Restructuring balsamic Nourishing Shampoo: Conditioner soothing coconut Stimulation: restructuring lotion and treatment linfoter.

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