testata copia 2
On the left you can see the scalp and hair, dandruff bits of color photos to chiaro.Nella deduction you can clearly see the scomparsa.La Dandruff is a disorder of the tourn-over epidermal cell, which desquamandosi erratically and high volume becomes visible.

Dandruff may be generated by many factors: environmental, hormonal, infections, fungi, solar radiation, but also more simply by detersioni wrong with aggressive products, excessive use of chemical treatments and excessive or vigorous brushing of the scalp. Dandruff we know at least two types: dry dandruff and oily dandruff.

The dandruff is known by its pearly color and chalky appearance, always in large quantities and small dimensioni.La dandruff is almost always associated with skin and dry hair.

The fat instead Dandruff is recognizable by its thickness, chippings large held together in large quantities from the fat. The oily dandruff is found attached to the hair, and tends to be yellowish.

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