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Alopecia totalis
Alopecia totalis is developed in some genetically susceptible individuals, in which the immune system does not recognize the antigen, and then attacks him and destroys it (autoimmune disease) And 'here that the papilla of the hair behaves as if it is attacked by the Medicines toxic (chemotherapeutics), in fact the hair loss often occurs in a short time and without a cause apparente.In certain cases the regrowth is automatic, but in many cases there will be a persistent alopecia, which over the years tends to stabilize negatively excluding the possibility of ripresa.Se treated in time, you can get incredible results as in the case illustrato.Le conditions are: having falls and growths alternating (in the last three or four years), desire to succeed and patience and not expect great results in the short periodo.Nel example above, we had these conditions and we ran the method with T4 products and machinery tricosmetici.I treatments lasted almost a year, but the results outweigh the sacrifices.
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