testata copia 2
2° Lvl professional
It will guide the student in-depth study of the concepts of the first two levels, with particular attention to the anomalies of the scalp, the study of the lymphatic system and the use of ozone, with notes on massage, vitamins and minerals.
To enroll in this course you must have completed approved courses in the lower level.


Step Practice:

Use of Cosmetic hair products (timing and duration)
• Use of machinery Vaculinfoterapy with treatment
• Use of machinery Ozoniterapy
Technique of mechanical massage (with tricohieronta) and manual


The topics in the theoretical stage:

Cosmetic hair products (questions and answers)
The scalp and its anomalies Discussion (Q & A)
The lymphatic system Deepening
The Ozoniterapy
Manual massage
Minerals and Vitamins

For registration please download and submit the form, completed in all its parts, by fax at No .: 095279017
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