Vitalia was born in 1995 in Scandinavia, based in Vaasa, Finland.
Vitalia was the first company to introduce the hair-care products in Scandinavia and machinery Cosmetic hair, by using the T4 (Tricosmetica 4 stages) The Tricosmetica arises from the study of Trichology in conjunction with the product tricosmetico TRICODERM. Trichology is a science very old dating back to 400 BC Hippocrates, still considered the father of modern medicine. The word comes from the ancient greek Trichology where Trico is for sleeping and Logia is going to studio.Il dr. Sebastiano Zappala engineer biotechnologist in 1995 began to spread Trichology in Scandinavia, founded the STY (Suomen Tricologian Yhdistys ry) (Association of Trichology Finnish), of which he is honorary chairman.

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