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Help you may have
Photo: Italy on trichologist Dr. S. Zappala is doing a check with the tiny camera in the Salon Diona. Customers who did care and they came to check they are all satisfied. Even a woman with problems of psoriasis, who could not sleep from the itching and could not use clothes blacks, had improvements of 50% and more, and is delighted to have finally found something that has alleviated this disease, which although they can not heal the whole is much improved.

Voluntary statement of parrucchira the city of Pori (Finland)

Arja hairdresser says: I never thought I could give so much help to my clients, before the dr. Sebastiano Zappala made ​​me think that we have the same hair under the skin, such as the face, hair stylists because we are used to treat only the visual part.

The results are
Photo: The hairdresser Arja Tastula, notes the trichologist Dr. S. Zappala while doing a control with micro-camera, after a course of five weeks.
After the analyzes carried out to 22 people, 18 people have returned to control by getting 100% positive result
Thanks and satisfaction
Photo: The Trichologist Dr. S. Zappala, analyzes the scalp Josefina Strömin with Tuula Mäntylä while doing the course for the machines in the Beauty & Hair Club.

Article: Hairstylist of this store Kaisu states that the treatments Cosmetic hair tricoderm, has had very positive results in a short time and in a number of anomalies, such as grease, dandruff and falling, before other treatments had failed to solve.

Identify the problem
PHOTOS: The micro and the method vaculinfoterapy have given many new hope for patients with alopecia areata. In the picture the trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala, Pirkko Papinnieni Ahlberg and Anja are analyzing the scalp Tuija. This girl who had been for many years without hair (alopecia totalis), as you can see from the picture after about a year of treatment, it is perfectly healed.

In Helsinki on 1/2 March, the company Vitalia held the 1st Congress of Trichology. The congress was attended by many specialists from Europe to create a communication between different professionals: dermatologists, psychologists, hairdressers etc. The hairdresser is the only professional who sees your hair and scalp every day, and should be the first to notice if there are problems. Anja Alhberg says the triangle trichological suggested by dr. Zappala is very important to connect our experience of hairdressers studies and the experience of other specialists, so as to achieve maximum results for our clients. The conference organized by the company with its Vitalia researcher S. Zappala, who is Italian. In fact, in Italy, Trichology is far ahead than countries Scandinavi.La customer Tujia has suffered many years of alopecia areata and other products and equipment of the company Vitalia has finally solved his problem.

School of trichology
Photo: From Italy the trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala came in the professional school of hairdressing Vasa Yrkeskåla to do the course machines and hair products. The school's teachers are very excited about the new approach and think in the future to teach it to their students and to submit to all third classes, the final thesis on Trichology.
A course in Kalajoki
Photo: The trichologist Dr. S. Zappala is doing a course in hairdressing Liisa Tanska Kalajoki - FINLAND
The microcam explore under the hair
Photo: Doctor Hair Trichologist Sebastiano Zappala is proving with the micro Savonlinna (Finnish town on the border with Russia.)

You can see immediately if your hair is good or bad, but you have the courage to see what you have in your scalp?

A trip with a tiny camera that you can find in several places in Finland, which magnifies 300 times the hair and scalp, it may be helpful to many problems. So many people suffer from too much fat, too much dandruff or fall. Tuula Mäntylä and trichologist Dr. S. Zappala visited in Savonlinna, and performed analysis throughout the day to find that many people suffer from hair loss and dandruff and many other fat that could not be seen with the naked eye. Tuula Mäntylä. says hairdressers often have problems with their customers because they do not know how to cure certain anomalies and we help them to understand and find the right care. We do not want to give too much hope to those who have lost their hair to take them back and not even want the hairdresser to become a dermatologist. With the courses we teach hairdressing also understand when a given problem should advise the client to seek medical attention. Many times the doctors to the problems of the scalp are only cosmetic problems, but sometimes some abnormalities of the skin, they can become a source of stress and create other problems seri.SCIENZA DALL'ITALIAIl trichologist Sebastiano Zappala worked for the company and is responsible for Vitalia research and prices of machinery and hair products.

Finally you can see the hair more deeply
Photo: the image you see Mrs. Anna sees her hair magnified 300 times and trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala that is doing the analysis and then give her the "cure."

Article: The trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala sees with the microchamber hair magnified 300 times and the skin up to 2 mm in depth. After analyzing Anna have been advised to use a very mild shampoo and a cream, to be used after shampooing once yes and once no.Questo service was offered by the hairdressers shop Parturipari, and the customers are not even obliged to buy the products. If you buy the products, they will have a free check after five weeks. This is big news in Finland and is a method trichological. The dr. Zappala uses a microscope that magnifies 300 times, and monitor the hair seems thicker than a finger. This at the moment is the only machine in Finland capable of this achievement and was presented as a new exhibition in Helsinki Hiukset 95 (says the importer Tuula Mäntylä, which also serves as a translator). The results with this method have been good, because until now have been given the "treatment" on the basis of what was visible to the naked eye, but now being able to see the deeper you make sure the diagnosis is correct, and then prescribe the "care "more just. A HAIR CAN KEEP THE WEIGHT 100 GRAMMISebastiano Zappala is pulling the hair of Anna and then count how many hairs are left between the fingers, under the five units is considered normal, is nothing if not better. A hair should hold a weight of 100 grams if it is in a normal state, otherwise they are too weak and this may be the reason of excessive loss.

It is set in motion at the Vaasa tricology team
From the monthly newspaper of the Finnish Pinni 15.05.97Il Tricology Finnish team at the first meeting, which was attended by hairdressers and barber founders: Päivi Myllymäki, Pirkko Papinniemi, Saija RAJAMÄKI, Kirsi Vaitovaara salon Zaragoza from Seinäjoki, a hairdresser Liisa Tanska from Kalajoki the importer Tuula Mäntylä, and trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala and the first team logo given to Pirkko Papinniemi.

The company Vitalia Vaasa is important micro and hair products was created by a group of hairdressers a team, with which many stylists gather together to discuss and exchange views on the different issues that their customers to be able to solve them at their best. He writes the journalist: this new method of Trichology comes from Italy, importing in the early 1995's new machines. With the new machinery Haircare you can see better the scalp and better understand the problem, because all the problems of the scalp have not been taken seriously in medicine, does not represent a mortal danger. Many times the client for lack of alternatives had to use antibiotics and cortisones and then stopping this care problems have returned. There have been many customers who have said they could not crying, thinking he could get a day of this, that in a few weeks will solve the problem. Pirkko Papinniemi says his life has changed because in no time with dr. Zappala has learned more than 40 years of career, then adds, we often have a fear of small business owners rely on the news but this is the best I could have. With tricology Team, we would like to give people the right to information not believe so many crap that goes around the hair.

Different countries that create market
In summary, the dr. George Bartolomucci wrote: Dr. Sebastiano Zappala imported, Trichology in Finland.

And after five years he organized the second forum of Trichology with the participation of over 200 participants then entered in a form of a company by the name trichological SUOMEN hair specialists TEAM, after become STY (Association of Trichology Finnish.)

Then there was an evolution that led to the birth of the T4 method in Italy, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

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